9 Genius Home Organization Products That Will Change Your Life

Keeping a clean and organized home is the ultimate goal for almost every homeowner, whether you live in a lively and active home with kids and pets, or a quiet sanctuary for just one or two.

The first step towards an organized home is to keep your clutter to a minimum and to clean regularly, which for many people will be enough. But if you want to take your home’s organization to a new level, the next step is to implement a few smart home organization hacks. With little effort, a few simple tricks can help you see your house in a whole new way.

Below are 9 genius home organization products for different parts of the home that will transform your mindset and set you in a state of home organization zen.

9 Genius Home Organization Products That Will Change Your Life


1. Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

If you have an underwear drawer that usually resembles a messy pile of laundry at any given point in time, this organizer is perfect for you. While your underwear drawer is a small, private area in your home, it is still one that you see and use every single day, so it is certainly worthwhile to make it more organized and easier to manage. This honeycomb drawer organizer comes in pieces that snap together, so it can fit any size drawer.

Get one for yourself here.

Shoe organizer

2. Over The Door Shoe Organizer 

The first and most obvious use for this organizer is self-explanatory. Not only can it solve the problem of too many shoes piled up by the entrance of your home, but it also helps you to actually see all of your shoes clearly so you don’t lose them or damage them, and better yet, so you can pick out shoes for your outfit more quickly.

A great bonus with these shoe organizers is that you don’t need to use them for shoes at all! A few of our favorite unique uses for this organizer…

over door shoe organizer cleaning supplies
You can use them for cleaning supplies…

craft organization tips
for crafts…

over door shoe organizer uses
And for first aid.

Get one (or a few!) here.

command-hookscommand-clear-hooksCommand hanging strips
3. Command Removable Hanging Strips

You might have seen the commercials about this one. These hanging strips (clear version, and version with metal wire) are truly an organizer’s dream tool as they can go anywhere, hold so many different types of things, and best of all, they are totally removable so you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls or anything you use them on.

Our favorite uses for these are…

For hanging coffee mugs in or around kitchen cupboards,

for organizing accessories (like necklaces, scarves, and hats) in your closet,

for creative craft storage,

and easy, hole-free art hanging.

Get a bunch for yourself here, here and here.

Spice organizer

4. Spice Organizer

This one is for all the home cooks out there. Ever get tired of having spice jars all over the countertop? Or ever wonder if there was a better place for your spice jars so that they don’t waist all of that cupboard space (that could be used for taller, bigger things)? Well here’s the solution.

These spice gripper clip strips can hold spice jars of various sizes and can safely and easily adhere to the inside of your cabinet door or cupboard wall, up and out of the way.

This can clear up an entire area of counter space or cupboard space, leaving room for more kitchen pantry goods or more importantly, simply some more peace of mind.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.56.55 AM
Get your spices as organized as this, here.

Kitchen cupboard rack storage

5. Kitchen Rack Storage

If you have a small kitchen or limited kitchen cupboard space, you know the struggle. Part of you wants to have plenty of kitchen items on hand for convenience, but the other part of you can’t stand the clutter it creates in your limited kitchen storage space.

What if we told you that the solution is right at your fingertips?

All you have to do is put this rack and this basket in your your kitchen immediately. You can then enjoy the clutter-free arrangement, like you see in the picture above, everytime you reach for that tin foil or saran wrap.

You can find these items here and here.

6. Fridge and Freezer Organizer

Anyone who meal plans or frequently cooks homemade meals at home for themselves and/or others will know how important it is to have an organized fridge and freezer. Whether its separating leftovers from fresh food, making room for large drink bottles along with the rest of your groceries, or properly stacking and storing frozen goods in your freezer, having a clean and organized refrigerator makes a huge difference in ease and quality of life.

While you can certainly remain organized on your own by simply being smart with your fridge arrangement and proactive about removing clutter, if you’re open to increasing your fridge’s organization and efficiency even more so, you must check out these fridge and freezer organizers. Not only are they sleek, modern, and visually pleasing, using them in your fridge setup makes you look like a domestic god(dess).

Let these bins change your life here.


7. Foldable Storage Ottoman

Storage is certainly not just a kitchen or wardrobe issue. Toys, books, pillows, blankets, and miscellaneous household items can make a beautiful living space look like a cluttered, overwhelming mess.

There are, of course, tons of different types of storage units that can help solve that issue, but our favorite is this simple foldable storage ottoman. Its easy to construct and deconstruct, also does double duty as a seating option, and looks incredibly modern with its smooth leather-like exterior and tufted styling.


Get yourself some smart storage here.


8. Sleek Grocery Bag Holder

This home organization item is a best-seller and comes highly recommended by everyone from everyday homeowners to engineers for its sleek design and efficiency.

Sure, it isn’t for everyone, but if you typically save your plastic shopping bags for later use you probably know exactly how hard it is to wrangle them all in one place that isn’t obnoxious or a waste of space. This bag holder solves that problem while being attractive enough to have placed anywhere in your home in plane view (which you probably wouldn’t do with those plastic bags beforehand).

Get one for yourself here.


9. 3-Bag Laundry Sorter 

Unless you’re of the rare group of people whose entire wardrobe can be washed and dried   at the same temperature and cycle without getting irreparably ruined, laundry entails lots of sorting and separating.

What if someone told you that you could save you tons of time sorting and separating your laundry and you could also get rid of this thing?:


Well you can if you upgrade your laundry basket to this 3-bag laundry sorter. Not only does it neatly contain your separate piles of clothes so you don’t have to do the separating later, it has a sleek design and wheels for easy transport.

Laundry day is the worst, but it doesn’t have to be so bad. Make your laundry days easier by getting your own sorter here.

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