16 Gorgeous Wallpapered Rooms To Inspire Your Space

In the past, when you found wallpaper in a home it was usually a sign that it was old and outdated. Whether it was a floral motif your grandparents might like, or a strange color and texture that clashed with the rest of the room design, wallpapers of the past weren’t exactly something to admire.

However, wallpapers have made a true comeback. They have come through a real style revolution in recent years and in fact, there are some unbelievably gorgeous patterns and styles of wallpaper available for all levels of designers and home decorators.

We rounded up a bunch of our favorite room examples where wallpaper makes a huge design statement worthy of envy.

16 Gorgeous Wallpapered Rooms To Inspire Your Space

wallpaper forest

via Pixerize.com

floral wallpaper bedroomvia Entrance

chevron wallpapered room
blue chevron wallpaper bedroom
via HGTV

gold splatter wallpaper
via thewhitearrow.com

cross black and white wallpaper
via Milton & King

dark floral wallpaper powder room
via Cupcakes and Cashmere design by Amber Interior Design

bright floral wallpaper bathroom
via Decorpad

dot wallpaper black and white powder room
via Style At Home

geometric wallpaper powder room
via Marcos Fecchino for Domaine

birch wallpaper bathroom
via Desire to Inspire 

geometric wallpaper entryway
via Apartment Therapy

blue wallpapered hallway
via Lonny

grey textured wallpaper hallway
via Zillow

white bird wallpaper office
via armelleblog.com

map wallpapered nursery
via Little Hands

via Apartment Therapy

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